Joy Behar Admits She ‘Needs’ Trump and Hopes He Doesn’t Die Soon – Watch

These articles almost feel like a broken record by now, but here we go again. “The View’s” Joy Behar once again made a mockery of herself by making more cringe-worthy comments about former President Donald Trump. 

The left-wing co-host seems like daily says something so outlandish she has to be called out on it. 

On the Wednesday show, Behar made an accidental admission about the 2024 GOP presidential primary. The question was asked if there was any Republican who could beat former President Donald Trump who declared that he was running back in November. 

Lightly-conservative co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, proclaimed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as someone who is “over-hyped.” She said he should sit down with a “neutral interviewer, you know, someone like ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. What?

And she said that DeSantis needed to take a jab at Trump, again, where has she been?

When Griffin suggested that DeSantis should go after Trump, Behar interjected, saying that Trump needed to be the nominee so Democrats could beat him. She called the former president a two-time loser (it was actually just once) and flashed the “loser” sign on her forehead. 

Is this 7th grade?

Here is another jewel from Behar who openly talked about not wanting Trump to die too soon. 

“His mother died at 88 and his father was 93. So they might be waiting awhile. Because he has good genes in that family. So he’s not dying so fast, but anyway, I don’t want him to die so fast because he would be martyred in a way. I mean he needs to fade away. That’s my fondest wish. I don’t even – you know what? I’ve gotten to the point because I’m such a good person, that I don’t even care if he doesn’t go to jail,” Behar said.