Joy Behar Says It’s Fox News That Makes People Believe This About Biden – Watch

In a recent segment on “The View,” Joy Behar suggested that Fox News is the reason people think President Biden is too old. Behar said that Fox News is constantly running negative stories about Biden’s age, and that this is having a negative impact on public opinion.

Behar made the comments responding to complaints from co-host Sunny Hostin — who argued that Biden should be revered and respected as an elder rather than criticized for his age.

The conversation started from a comment the GOP presidential hopeful and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley made. She referred to the U.S. Senate as “the most privileged nursing home in the country” and called for competency tests for aging politicians.

Hostin said she was “offended” by the former Ambassador to the U.N.’s remarks.

“Ageism offends me,” Hostin continued, adding, “It’s very different than in other cultures where we value age and we value wisdom.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin did not agree and noted that age was sometimes an issue that could not be ignored — especially with regard to President Biden. She quoted a poll from The Wall Street Journal in which 73% of respondents had said they were concerned Biden was “too old to be president.”

“But isn’t it true that Fox and all those right-wing stations keep showing pictures of him tripping —” Behar objected.

Hostin then directed the conversation to former President Donald Trump, calling him “overweight” and noting that he was just a few years younger than Biden.

Co-host Ana Navarro then entered the fray and claimed that Biden was in “very good physical shape” and saying she’s “never understood” why anyone even cared how old he was.

So once again, according to the ladies on “The View,” it’s all the fault of Fox News. Nothing new here. Take a look at the exchange for yourself.