Judge Thomas Has A Photo That’s Gone Viral – Watch

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was photographed over the weekend and nobody expected that the photo would go viral.

The Supreme Court Justice was caught in a quiet act of charity helping volunteers lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday. He was there to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

Journalist Emily Miller tweeted the now-viral photo of Thomas, who was helping decorate gravestones with the nonprofit group Wreaths Across America.

One person saw the picture and tweeted: “Love how Justice Clarence Thomas quietly lays wreaths with all the other volunteers every year at Arlington National Cemetery for #wreathsacrossamerica to honor those who have the ultimate sacrifice.”

Another person wrote, “Justice Clarence Thomas does #WreathsAcrossAmerica to honor the fallen and spend time supporting Gold Star families at Arlington. Show respect for those of them reading this thread in your replies.”

Miller has been volunteering since 2014, and she said that Thomas has regularly done this but keeps a low profile. 

Miller wrote, “Every December since 2014, I have volunteered in this group to place the wreaths in Section 60 of Arlington. Wreaths Across America organizes volunteers and donors in order to put 259,000 wreaths on the graves of veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country.”

She said that the only people who have figured out that Judge Thomas is one of the many volunteers are the Gold Star families that he talks to so that he can honor and support them personally and privately.

Judge Thomas makes sure that his security detail blends in well with the crowds so that he can stay out of the spotlight. 

Miller also lashed out at those who said that Thomas had a journalist take and share the photo. She made it clear that he was not aware that she put it on social media. 

“After all these years on the bench, he doesn’t care about his media coverage,” Miller explained on her Substack. “He’s a principled man who tries to stay out of the spotlight. He doesn’t hang out at the Washington elite gatherings.”