Just Another Leak in the Biden Administration

Once again senior Biden Administration officials are scrambling to put out a huge embarrassing fire because of secret documents that somehow surfaced online that show top-secret intelligence from the Pentagon. 

This leak of dozens of documents has angered our foreign allies and sent fear through many in America. They allegedly show U.S. intelligence involving the war in Ukraine and the governments of several of the United States’ close allies. 

The Pentagon won’t as of yet confirm or deny the authenticity of the leaks, but it has partnered with the Department of Justice to investigate the documents. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a press conference Tuesday that they were talking with officials from other countries to “reassure them.”

“We have engaged with allies and partners at high levels over the past days, including to reassure them about our own commitment to safeguarding intelligence and, of course, our commitment to our security partnerships,” Blinken said.

Austin maintained that investigators have not figured out when the leak may have taken place or the extent of U.S. intelligence that was compromised. 

“The documents that we are aware of are dated the 28th of February, 1st of March. I don’t know if there are other documents that are, that have been online before. These are things that we will find out as we continue to investigate,” he said. “We will continue to investigate and try to determine the full scope of the activity.”

The leaked information suggests explosive claims that involve several governments like Israel’s intelligence agency, and Mossad.

One document suggested that a NATO coalition group of special forces operators was in Ukraine. The group allegedly involved troops from the U.S., France, and several other countries. 

With so many gaffes from the present administration, it’s getting harder and harder to feel reassured.