Kirby Announces Biden Will Hold Press Conference

Hello folks. Let’s dive into the latest episode of what some are calling the continuous clown show that is the Biden administration.

Concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline are mounting, yet he refuses to take a cognitive test. Behind the scenes, leaks reveal the hoops his team jumps through just to help him operate day to day. Adding fuel to the fire is the question of the visits to the White House by a Parkinson’s expert, which the administration hasn’t addressed transparently.

But leave it to the Biden team to go even lower. Who thought it was a good idea for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Spokesperson John Kirby to announce that Biden would be holding a “Big Boy” press conference on Thursday? Referring to the President in such a condescending manner doesn’t exactly dispel concerns about his mental fitness. It’s reminiscent of how Jill Biden treated him like a toddler after the debate, reassuring him that he “got every question right.”

This level of incompetence is astounding. Are they trying to manage this crisis, or are they deliberately sabotaging him? Either way, it’s a dangerous time, especially with our enemies likely watching this circus closely.

The Story of Parkinson’s Neurologist’s White House Visits Gets More Involved
Reports are surfacing about how they prep Biden for events, adding to the furor. The recent scandal involving pre-submitted questions for a radio interview has led to consequences for the radio host and a scathing response from the station.

Even CNN’s Harry Enten has blown up Biden’s latest delusion about the race. And Fox’s Peter Doocy couldn’t believe how ridiculous the White House was with this “Big Boy” press conference announcement. “One way to stop getting people to focus on [Biden] being 81 and possibly having issues with his acuity is just to call him a big boy,” Doocy said wryly. He also mentioned that it’s supposed to involve more than the usual two-question press conference. We’ll see how that goes.

Expect the calls for Biden to step aside to grow louder after the mess that’s sure to come on Thursday. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this isn’t going to go well. Every effort they make keeps blowing up in their faces. And if they try to script the questions for reporters, it’s doubtful even that will work at this point.

Even as they try to tout Biden’s ‘achievements’, it falls flat.

Kirby even inadvertently admits that Trump was right.