Kamala Harris Experiences Another Failure to Launch

There is a pretty clear parallel that happened this week with Vice President Kamala Harris. NASA’s Artemis I rocket looked great, it was standing tall and bound for the moon as a part of the federal space agency’s planned return to the surface for the first time in half a century.

Harris flew into Florida, not her favorite state right now, to be ready for a Monday morning launch. She chairs the National Space Council and was praising this event as a way to “return American astronauts to the Moon, including the first woman and person of color.”

But the rocket never took off and it is still sitting on the launch pad. Much like the political career of the Vice President, and let’s hope for any future plans for 2024.

The launch had to be stopped because of numerous problems, including a crack in one of the rocket’s main engines. 

When Kamala Harris spoke with reporters after landing at Kennedy Space Center, she said, “I’m so proud of what is happening in terms of our space program and the leadership that the United states is providing to the world. The Artemis program is the beginning of the next era of what we have a history and a tradition of doing, of providing vision and inspiring innovation in a way that is going to benefit all mankind and womankind.”

According to NASA’s inspector general, the Artemis program is years behind schedule in its goal to make a return trip to the moon. They are also billions of dollars over their budget. There is another wild comparison to the Biden/Harris administration. 

The inspector general said that the current timeline is “unrealistic” and the present project is set to cost NASA — that is, taxpayers — $93 billion through 2025.

Harris planned to watch the launch and then give a speech on U.S. leadership in space exploration. 

But failure to launch is a real problem with the Left.