Kamala Humiliated After The DNC Is Forced To Make An Embarrassing Change

If this isn’t a shining example of how unpopular the Democratic Party is I don’t know what is.

Vice President Kamala Harris was humiliated after the DNC was forced to make an embarrassing change to their schedule.

Harris was scheduled to host the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum on May 25 and 26. Since Kamala is the nation’s highest office birthing person (sarcasm), the DNC thought she would be a great fit.

Tickets for the event started at $250, and if attendees wanted to be in the photo line they would have to pony up $15,000 – $50,000.

However, there was just one problem, nobody wanted to come so they canceled the event and rescheduled it for the fall.

Not even the big donors are buying what Kamala Harris is selling.

For reasons unknown, donors do not want to attend an event hosted by a wordsmith like Vice President Kamala Harris.

Did you know that “when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community?”

Clearly, this menstruating person (more sarcasm) has a fantastic grasp of geopolitics.

I dare you to read this out loud.

“For Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way its impact has been the pandemic…we will assist Jamaica in Covid recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential,” Vice President Harris said.

Can anyone say filler words? 

So I ask you…Why would an event being hosted by Kamala get “rescheduled”? 🥴