Kamala Harris May Reevaluate Her Border Position Based on Her Own Backyard

Vice President Kamala Harris told Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that the southern border was “secure.”

“The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed,” Harris said.

We will see just how long she holds on to this belief after two buses of illegal immigrants were dropped off outside of the vice president’s home at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. on Thursday morning. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was responsible for busing about 100 migrants to the outside of the official residence of Harris, according to Fox News. The migrants were picked up at the Texas border town of Eagle Pass, they were originally from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico.

One of the migrants who traveled with his one-year-old son, Wilder Alberto Pinto Sosa, told Lex Juarez of DC News Now that he had been treated with dignity and respect since coming into the United States. He said his experience in America has been “much better than any other country I’ve passed through.”

Juarez reported, “The group is heading to a local church to be fed and connected to resources to help them get to their final destinations.”

And one of the migrants told a Fox News reporter that he believes the southern border of the United States is “open.”

“The border is open. Everybody believes that the border is open,” a Venezuelan man told Fox News. “It’s open because we enter. We come in, free, no problem.”

The vice president may need to reevaluate her position on the border, it probably is not as “secure” as the vice president thinks that it is. 

She may be seeing this morning clearly now that some of in her own backyard.