Kamala Harris Upset Media Hasn’t Covered Her ‘Strong Leadership’ – Really

You might want to sit down before reading this…

Vice Prescient Kamala Harris whined to the “mainstream” media about the fact that they don’t focus enough on her “strength of leadership.”

I’ll give you a minute.

She also complained that the Supreme Court’s overturning of Dobbs (Roe v. Wade) got more coverage than she does.

This all took place in a Washington Post piece by Jonathan Capehart entitled, “Kamala Harris had a most excellent year.”

She walked into the cakewalk interview with a “broad smile and an easy confidence.”

After reminding Capehart that after the Supreme rendered the Dobbs decision, she said that she wanted to “get the bleep out of D.C.” But then she went on to take credit for “codifying” same-sex marriage and getting the “Respect for Marriage Act” legislation done. But that bill passed because 39 Republicans were willing to sign it, it had nothing to do with the “strength” of Harris’ leadership.

Still, she said, “There are things that I’ve done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think Dobbs (Roe) did receive.”

Capehart couldn’t contain himself in his writing saying that he had covered Harris for a decade, and whenever she talks about this important issue, passion wells up, and “her most authentic self comes through.” She responded to his fawning about her by saying, “I’m always myself, Jonathan.”

Back to the coverage by the media whining. I wonder exactly what Harris is referring to that might be more important than the landmark Dobbs case.

This historic case was pretty important since it focuses on a political issue that has divided this country for the last 50 years.

Could she be talking about her “work” as a border czar? Come on, this is totally ridiculous.