The Odd Couple: Kamala Throws Biden Under The Bus Over Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris wants nothing to do with Biden’s immigration policy and threw him under the bus when asked by reporters about the crisis at the Southern border.

“I haven’t been briefed on anything today about it, but I will when I get on the plane,” she said.

Her comments come shortly before Biden gave an interview with ABC, Good Morning America host, George Stephanopoulos and he flat out lied.

During a portion of the interview Stephanopoulos started to question Biden about the crisis he caused at the border.

Below is a partial transcript of the interview:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Right now and a lot of the migrants coming in saying they’re coming in because you promised to make things better. It seems to be getting worse by the day. Was it a mistake not to anticipate this surge?

BIDEN: Well, first of all, there was a surge the last two years in ’19 and ’20 there was a surge as well.

STEPHANOPOULOS: This one might be worse.

BIDEN: It could be but here’s the deal, first of all, the idea that Joe Biden said come because I heard the other day that they’re coming because they know I’m a nice guy and I —

STEPHANOPOULOS: They’re saying this.

BIDEN: Well, here’s the deal. They’re not. The adults are being sent back, number one. Number two, what do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border? Do you repeat what Trump did, take them from their mothers and hold them in cells, et cetera? We’re not doing that…

Below is a video clip of Joe Biden in the first debate of the Democratic primary that when he’s president illegal immigrants should “immediately surge to the border.”

Below is also a video of a Honduran migrant who told a reporter that he is traveling to USA because President Biden is “giving us 100 days to get to the US.”

When asked what he wanted for “his people,” the migrant said it was “to get to the U.S. because they’re having a new president.”

“He’s gonna help all of us,” the migrant said of President-elect Joe Biden. “He’s giving us 100 days to get to the U.S.” to get legal status and “get a better life for our kids and family.”

Migrants have also been seen at the Southern border wearing Joe Biden T-shirts protesting to demand entry into the country.

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