Kari Lake Lashes Out at Arizona Election Officials – Watch

Tik Tok, Tik Tok, it’s been five whole days since the midterm elections and the winner of the governor’s seat in Arizona still has not been declared. On Sunday, GOP candidate Kari Lake interviewed with Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” to criticize her state’s election officials.

“I consider someone’s vote their voice. I think of it as a sacred vote. And it’s being trampled the way we run our elections in Arizona. I have been sounding the alarm for two years. Nothing got done. Very little got done last legislative session. And we need to get in there and restore faith in our elections,” she said.

By Sunday night Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was leading the race 50.79 percent to 49.21 percent with 93.9 percent of the votes counted, according to Decision Desk Headquarters. 

Kari Lake also said, “We can’t be the laughingstock of elections anymore here in Arizona. And, when I’m governor, I will not allow it. I just won’t…

It’s embarrassing. It’s wrong. And we need people who are competent in running our elections. This incompetency or maladministration is outrageous. And I think the good thing is that more people are waking up to the fact that Arizona has real troubles when it comes to elections.

We called for her to recuse herself in July of the last year of 2021, right after we got into the race, recognizing that there was a major ethical problem there. Obviously, just the optics of it looks bad. And she didn’t do that.”

Many of the ballots remaining are from the state’s most populous county, Maricopa. Lake believes that her opponent Hobbs should have recused herself from her role as secretary of state, effectively overseeing this election.

Lake said, “Even though many people been calling for her to recuse herself, it creates problems to say the least.”