Karine Jean-Pierre Dismisses OPEC Concern and Touts Biden’s ‘Successes’ – Watch

She continues to be able to do this with a straight face! White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre actually declared that President Joe Biden has successfully lessened the impact of the surprise oil production cuts from OPEC on gas prices.

How in the world can she declare that Biden’s administration has had financial and economic success?

Analysts predict that OPEC’s move could raise gas prices in the United States by another $0.30 per gallon. The current national average gas price is $3.53 per gallon, according to data from AAA.

Jean-Pierre just kept asserting that policies enacted by Biden have previously mitigated increases in fuel prices.

“Analysts had said last year that prices were going to go up, and that did not happen. If anything, in fact, gasoline prices went down by $1.50 when it was at its peak this past summer. A lot of that is because of the actions that this president took,” she said. “Because of what the president did, because of the policies that he put forward, because of the actions that he put forward, we have seen those prices go down.”

She gets it honest, Biden has over and over again claimed that the United States witnessed the “fastest gas price decline in eight years” and annualized headline inflation, which has declined for “six months” due to his economic policies. 

But they both just ignore the reality that energy costs and overall price level increases were much lower before he assumed control of the Oval Office.

But Biden has gotten criticism for approving the release of 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a stock of emergency crude oil created to manage supply disruptions in energy markets. He has depleted the reservoir even as the costs to refill the stores are now elevated. 

When one reporter asked Jean-Pierre whether Biden would consider jettisoning more supplies from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve or soliciting more fuel from Venezuela, she brushed off the question by saying she would not “get into hypotheticals” and claiming that “what the president has done has worked.”