Keep An Eye On This: Activists In Portland Are ‘Altering Their Tactics’ As Support For Federal Officers Grow

Every morning I review what occurring in Portland during the overnight hours to share them with you to help get the word out about what is really going on. I follow journalists from all sides in order to find the best videos and images.

As I was reviewing the feed of “journalists” sympathetic to the extremists I noticed them announcing a change as to how they will “report” what is occurring nightly in Portland.

Robert Evans who is a “journalist” that has been interviewed by the New York Times said that he will no longer Livestream what is happening at the fence during the nightly attacks.

In other words, I’m not going to show what’s really happening I’m going to alter clips to fit my narrative. That’s not journalism, that’s called propaganda.

There is a battle brewing between streamers and extremists here’s an example…

Similar to CHAZ this movement is about to destroy itself.