Keeping Count: 2 Male Winners in WPGA Tour of Australasia, 0 Women – Watch

Megyn Kelly takes no prisoners when it comes to biological male trans athletes competing against women.

Breanna Gill, a male trans golfer was just declared the winner of the Australia Women’s Classic. Kelly, while hosting her Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show,” podcast told her two million followers that Bill was a “fraud.”

“This is a biological man, a fact not even mentioned in much of the major press coverage celebrating ‘her’ win over the actual women in this tournament,” Kelly tweeted.

“It’s a fraud, it’s immoral, and it HAS TO STOP,” she added.

Kelly also included a tweet from the official account for the WPGA Tour of Australasia that read, “Showing nerves of steel, Breanna Gill triumphed in a playoff for her first professional win at the AusWomensClassic! [GolfNSW] | feelNSW | NewSouthWales.”

Certainly, Kelly was not the only one who was upset at this win for Gill. Former professional college swim star Riley Gaines, the one who was brave enough to speak out against the biological male trans swimmer Lia Thomas, shared her thoughts.

Gaines tweeted, “Who’s surprised a male is being recognized as the “winner” in the women’s category….you’re right @WPGATour, real nerves of steel!”

Another person wrote, “Breanna Gill (formerly male) wins golf open beating REAL women to take the top prize money. How is this fair? sharrond62 golf womensportforwomen.”

And another wrote, “The [WPGATour] has turned off replies. Because this man (checks notes) beat women in a golf tournament. Breanna Gill is a Cheat. SaveWomensSports. Now the PGATourAus has 2 male winners and no women.”And finally, there were these tweets: “[WPGATour] celebrating a man cheating & stealing prize money meant only for women is truly despicable!” another wrote. “Men are NOT women they are male & retain all that male advantage! Stop depriving women of their opportunities in sports! BreannaGill is male! AusWomensClassic SaveWomensSports.”