Kellyanne Conway Has Specific Direction for Gov. DeSantis

She’s not a wallflower…former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway believes that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should stay in Florida and serve two terms as governor. 

He should stand down in his effort to seek the presidency in 2024.

A straw poll was done at The Turning Point USA conference in Tampa this month. Kellyanne believes that it gave a strong signal for what Republicans want in 2024. 

Conway, the former and potential future advisor to former President Trump told Fox Business Network this week that the TPUSA straw poll indicated that Trump had almost 80 percent support and DeSantis only had 20 percent of the support. 

This caused Conway to urge DeSantis to focus on another successful term as Florida’s governor and then have a successful campaign for the presidency in 2028.

This would essentially clear the field for Trump.

“He’s a great Governor, he’s fascinating. He could be a two-term, and he’s got a great sense for the culture warrior part too. Ron DeSantis can be the best two-term Governor in Florida in modern history and run for President before he’s 50,” Conway said.

“The poll is significant for President Trump, because Gov. DeSantis did speak on Friday night. He was well-received. He’s an unbelievably successful and consequential Governor of Florida. But it’s President Trump who led in the polls,” she added.

Kellyanne made it clear that if Trump decides to run, it will no doubt force the field to clear. And if he decides not to run, whoever steps up will likely run on the America First theme. 

When Trump’s name was taken out of the straw poll, DeSantis was the clear winner with 87% of the support. The question will be if DeSantis can maintain such momentum for another four years. 

If Kellyanne has anything to do with it, DeSantis will stand down.