Kathy Griffin Comments On Tour

Kathy Griffin, the controversial liberal comedian who gained infamy in 2017 for posing with a replica of former President Donald Trump’s severed head, has recently revealed that tickets for her upcoming comedy tour are not selling well. In a video posted to her social media accounts, Griffin begs fans to purchase tickets for her shows in Des Moines, Omaha, and Kansas City, lamenting that she has been “through hell” since her last tour.

But according to Griffin, the lack of ticket sales isn’t due to her infamous photo shoot, for which she faced immense backlash and lost numerous endorsements. No, according to the comedian, it’s because she is performing in predominantly conservative states, such as Iowa and Nebraska, where there “aren’t enough people” to fill the seats.

Fans may recall that Griffin and Trump have a long-standing feud, with Griffin often using her platform to bash the former president. In fact, she teased that her upcoming tour will include jokes about Trump’s legal battle with E. Jean Carroll, a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

But it seems that even with her anti-Trump material, Griffin is struggling to attract audience members. And it’s not just about ticket sales – the comedian recently announced her divorce from her husband, as well as getting her lips “tattooed,” causing her face to look noticeably swollen.

Photos posted by Griffin on social media show her spending time with Carroll, whom she has struck up a friendship with in recent years. It seems that the comedian is relying on her controversial connections to drum up support for her tour, rather than relying on her comedic talents alone.

And while Griffin may be begging for fans to attend her shows, it’s hard to sympathize with someone who knowingly incited outrage and faced consequences for her actions. As she continues to deal with the aftermath of her severed head photo, it’s important to remember that actions have consequences, and in this case, they may be affecting her ticket sales.

But perhaps even more concerning is Griffin’s claim that she is suffering from PTSD due to the backlash she received. While PTSD is a serious mental health issue for many individuals, it’s hard to take Griffin’s claim seriously when she willingly participated in such a provocative and inflammatory act.

It seems that Kathy Griffin is willing to do whatever it takes to sell tickets for her comedy tour, even if it means playing the victim and exploiting her controversial past actions. But for many, the consequences of her actions are not easily forgotten, and it may take more than a few jokes about Trump to win back her audience’s support.