KJP Cornered By Radio Host Dana Loesch – This Is Too Good! – Watch

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was argued into a corner once because of what she said at Monday’s press briefing. This time nationally syndicated radio host Dana Loesch went after what she said about assault weapons bans working to lower the incidence of gun violence.

Jean-Pierre responded to the news of another mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky that was likely a case of workplace violence due to a personal grievance. She called for increased background checks and limits on magazine capacity. And the press secretary argued that assault weapons bans have worked in the past.

“If you think about Assault Weapons Ban…We saw gun violence go down. When it sunset 10 years laters, it went back up!,” KJP said.

“If you think about assault weapons ban, we know, when we saw — when the president was involved in 1994 to get that done, we saw. We saw gun violence go down and when it sunset ten years later, it went back up,” Jean-Pierre insisted. “So we know what could work and that’s why you continue to hear the president calling on Congress to take action.”

Loesch quickly noted that the claim just wasn’t true – and she wasn’t the only one saying so.

“This literally never happened,” Loesch began, sharing a series of links to others who also explained that the 1994 assault weapons ban had not resulted in less gun violence.

Loesch went further saying that the gun homicide rate had not changed as a result of the ban – despite the claims often made by Jean-Pierre and Biden himself.

“The AWB had zero, none, nada effect on the gun homicide rate. You can lie about this all you want and I’ll continue publicizing the actual facts of the matter every single time,” Loesch said. 

“I wrote about this in my first book — but to repeat until the end of time, the firearms they incessantly blame for homicide are involved in the fewest homicides annually,” she concluded.