KJP Has Back And Forth With CBS Reporter

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced frustration at a press conference on Wednesday as she attempted to evade questions about the escalating border crisis. The questions were posed by journalist Ed O’Keefe, who observed that President Joe Biden had issued an Executive Order undoing Trump-era reforms that restricted illegal immigrants from seeking asylum. O’Keefe also highlighted that the immigration bill proposed by Biden has made no progress in Congress.

O’Keefe pressed Jean-Pierre on reports that the White House is considering suspending asylum processing in the event of a spike in border crossings. However, the Press Secretary refused to confirm or deny these reports, saying that she would not reveal sources or enter into negotiations from the podium. She stated that the administration is focused on finding a bipartisan compromise to address the issue, but did not provide any specific details.

O’Keefe continued to push for answers, questioning how much time Biden had actually spent pushing his immigration bill with Congress since taking office. He noted that the President has met with Congress multiple times on various issues, but has not given adequate attention to immigration reform.

Jean-Pierre argued that Biden had made his stance on immigration clear by issuing an immigration bill on his first day in office. However, O’Keefe pointed out that this bill has seen no progress and the President has not made immigration a priority in his public appearances or meetings with congressional leaders.

Despite O’Keefe’s persistent questioning, Jean-Pierre refused to acknowledge any shortcomings in Biden’s approach to immigration reform. She stated that the administration has frequently discussed the issue with congressional leaders and has also enacted policy actions to address the issue. However, O’Keefe challenged this claim, stating that executive actions cannot replace actual legislation passed by Congress.

The clash between O’Keefe and Jean-Pierre highlights the frustration and lack of transparency surrounding the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis. As the number of illegal border crossings continues to rise, there is growing pressure for the administration to take swift and effective action. However, the lack of progress on Biden’s proposed immigration bill and the evasion of questions by the White House Press Secretary raise concerns about the administration’s commitment to addressing the situation.

In the face of these criticisms, Jean-Pierre attempted to highlight the “humane” policies and multiple executive actions taken by the administration. However, it is clear that a comprehensive solution to the border crisis requires more than just executive orders and requires meaningful action and collaboration with Congress. As the situation at the border continues to escalate, the Biden administration must address the issue with urgency and transparency in order to find a lasting solution.