More Evidence Joe Isn’t Well: Image Explains UK Officials Complaint About Biden, ‘Can’t Keep Up With…

More evidence has emerged that President Joe Biden may not be well.

During the G7 summit, news broke that members of the United Kingdoms Labour Party were frustrated with President Biden because he couldn’t keep up and his note cards were useless. In a leaked text message the official said, “You don’t want to even know what Tory leadership is saying.

Just five days later, during an EU-US summit Biden gets really confused trying to read his notes and keep up with the conversation.

In the video below you’ll see Biden clutching his note cards during a press conference. The questions had already been screened and the reporters had already been selected.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec used the latest development to show that the leak from the Labour Party is real.

Then, Biden, who was three hours late to his NATO press conference, took the time to bash Americans while overseas.

Biden’s notes left out the fact that Republican grew their numbers in the House giving Pelosi a razor thin majority.