Landlord Plans To DUMP Unvaxxed Tenants, Picks Fight With DeSantis

A Florida landlord that operates eight apartment buildings is planning on evicting anyone who refuses to get the COVID vaccine.

Santiago A. Alverez, who owns the 1,200 units, in Broward and Miami-Dade counties is the first known landlord to impose a vaccine requirement for tenants.

Alverez feels that he has found a loophole in DeSantis executive order banning vaccine passports which will be enforced starting September 16. The order stops businesses from requiring customers be vaccinated and would fine them $5,000 every time they ask for documentation.

The landlord told a local paper that he’s imposing the mandate after 15 of his tenants died.

“We have to be concerned about our tenants and our employees. All of these are private properties. We’re just trying to keep people safe and healthy. It’s going to cost us money, but we’re very firm on that.”

Under Alverez “zero tolorence policy” the lease of any tenant unvaccinated will not be renewed. Attorney Juan C. Zorrilla representing Alvarez believes they have found a loophole claiming a tenant is not a “patron” or a “customer.”

“We believe that there is a clear distinction between someone who is an occupant of a dwelling and physically on the premises for an extended duration of time versus someone who is a patron or customer and simply visiting for a short duration,” Zorrilla wrote in a statement.

In other parts of the United States schools, businesses and City Councils are requiring proof of vaccination.

A Rutgers remote student was not allowed to join his virtual classes because of his vaccination status. Logan Hollar, 22, ignored the mandate “because all my classes were remote.”

“I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university,” Hollar reported.

“I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor,” he said.

In Seattle, they may lose what’s left of the Police Department because over 200 police officers are refusing to hand over their private medical data and reveal their vaccination status.

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