Leaked Audio: Dem Mayor To Looted Neighborhoods, ‘You’re 100% Full Of Sh*t!’

If you live in the city of Chicago and your neighborhood is getting ransacked by gun violence and looters just know your mayor thinks you are “100% full of shit.”

Last Sunday during a fiery city council conference South Side Alderman Raymond Lopez got into a heated conversation with Mayor Lori Lightfoot when discussing how best to protect city residents from rioters.

It all started when Lopez told the Lightfoot that a lot of businesses in the 15th Ward had been looted and burned, he was upset that Lightfoot only took steps to keep downtown Chicago safe.

During the call, Lopez voiced his anger at the mayor for locking down the city downtown shopping districts but leaving the rest of the city vulnerable.

As rioters moved through the city, Lightfoot locked the protesters out of the Loop area by raising the bridges over the Chicago River and blockading highway exits feeding the downtown area.

“When downtown is in lockdown, our neighborhoods are next,” Lopez warned during the call, adding, “We’re seeing this destruction … We have seen where, in other cities, this has gone on for days; and we need to come up with a better plan for days, at least for the next five days, to try and stabilize our communities.”

Lopez also claimed that the area, Back of the Yards looked like a “virtual war zone” He lamented that “Half our neighborhoods are already obliterated. It’s too late.”

“Once they’re done looting and rioting, and whatever’s going to happen tonight, God help us, what happens when they start going after residents? Going into the neighborhoods? Once they start trying to break down people’s doors if they think they’ve got something,” Lopez added.

He also claimed “gang-bangers with AK-47s walking around right now, just waiting to settle some scores,” and they could use the chaos as cover.

After Lopez finished speaking Lightfoot tried to move on but Lopez demanded an answer and she blew him off; that’s when things went off the rails.

“I think you’re 100% full of shit, is what I think,” Lightfoot snapped.

That answer infuriated Alderman and he fired back, “No offense — Fuck you, then. Who are you to tell me I’m full of shit? Maybe you should come out and see what’s going on.”

It was on.

“If you think we’re not ready, and we stood by and let the neighborhoods go up, there’s nothing intelligent that I could say to you,” Lightfoot spat at Lopez. “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I understand you want to preen.”

“Mayor, you need to check your fucking attitude. That’s what you need to do,” Lopez exclaimed as their phone call confrontation ended.

You can listen below, make sure you have your sound on: 

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