Leaks Reveal The Chinese Infiltration Of Cali Congressional Dems Is About To Go Nuclear, Another Prominent Dem Is About To Fall

Earlier this week we learned that Rep. Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, was a Russia conspiracy theorist, and pushed impeachment was all tied up with a Chinese spy.

After Axios broke the story leaks started flowing and the story is about to go nuclear. Before we go any farther though, I just want to point something out. Axios was working on this story for a year and they held the report until after the Presidential election. China has infiltrated California Democrats and Lord knows where else and Axios waited until a month after the election to inform the American people. One would think the American people would want to know the person they are voting may be compromised by a foreign government.

Anyway, leaks indicate that the Chinese infiltration of Democrats is about to explode.

OANN reporter, Jack Posobiec reported that Swalwell is actively fighting the unreleased portion of the intelligence report about the Chinese operative that infiltrated his office. Apparently, it could end his career because he is doing everything in his power to keep his secrets in the dark.

Additionally, Ryan Saavedra from the Dailywire is reporting that another prominent Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was also a “victim” of a suspected Chinese spy.

So let’s review, Chinese operatives compromised at least one Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and it appears another Democrat was as well. This would be the same committee that pushed the Russian hoax for years and led the charge to impeach the President.

At the same time, President Trump was putting America first and beat China in a trade war.

Democrats have sold out America.

Lastly, here’s something to keep an eye on. We already know Biden’s entire family is owned by the Chinese and now we know a portion of the Democrat party is in bed with them as well. Should Biden be inaugurated in January it appears China is getting ready to make a big move regionally.

Earlier this year, Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed at the border. President Trump has strong ties with India, he worked hard to seal that relationship, and used it to help keep China in check. However, this week China deployed fighter jets and soldiers to a Pakistani airbase close to the Indian border in a joint training exercise to prepare for “actual combat.”

“The Chinese air force’s troops set off on December 7 for the Pakistani Air Force’s airbase in Bholari at Thatta District in Sindh, northeast of Pakistan’s Karachi to participate in the China-Pakistan Joint Air Force Exercise Shaheen (Eagle) – IX [sic],” China’s national defense ministry announced in a press release on Monday.

If President Trump doesn’t win his second term it appears that China is going to be able to run unchecked and take over the region.