Left Coast Chaos: Portland and Settle Have Turned Into A Total Quagmire (VIDEO)…The MSM Isn’t Going To Show You This

Below is the insanity that occurred over the weekend in Seattle and Portland.

We’ll start in Seattle first.

Extremists in Seattle tried to cause chaos in the Captial Hill neighborhood and attacked the east police precinct again.

Remember these are “Peaceful protestors.”

In Portland federal officers had put up a reinforced fence to keep protesters from attacking the building and were hoping it would de-escalate the situation. That idea went up in a puff of tear gas smoke when protestors used metal grinders, saws, and ropes to tear down the fence. That led to an intense standoff between federal officers and extremists. Federal officers did break up the mob and the mayor finally allowed the police to help federal authorities.

After federal officers swept the park extremists were met by Portland police…