Left-Wing Activists & The New York Times Are Trying To Expose The Jurors In The Chauvin Trial To Influence Outcome

Now that the actual evidence is being presented in the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin leftists are growing concerned he may be acquitted for the killing of George Floyd.

Throughout the jury selection many of the prospects expressed their fear in being on the jury for fear of backlash depending upon the outcome. Jurors understand that should the city riot after the trial that the police will do nothing and they will be canceled.

A left-wing activists was warned by the Judge during the trial after she was caught taking pictures and posting them on twitter using Critical Race Theory slogans.

In the video below you’ll see the Judge scold the woman taking pictures and she apologizes.

Earlier this week, The New York Times published an article providing all of the data they have on the jurors.

The left is worried that Chauvin is going to be acquitted they are so worried they don’t even want there to be a trial. Comedian and left wing activists Chelsea Handler sparked backlash after she said, “So pathetic that there is a trial to prove that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd when there is video of him doing so.”

What has leftists so concerned is the never before seen body cam footage and testimony from the clerk inside the store where the alleged counterfeit $20 bill was used.

The store clerk, Christopher Martin testified, “He[Floyd] seemed very friendly, approachable, talkative, he seemed just to be having an average Memorial Day living his life. But he did seem high.”

Now, Floyd acquaintance who was with him in the store and car is refusing to testify. Morries Lester Hall, who originally said, “I’m going to be his[Floyd’s] voice does not want to testify.

A legal document filed by Hennepin County Public Defender office notified the court that, “Mr Morries Lester Hall…hereby provides notice to all parties in this matter that if called to testify he will invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.”

The far-left news publication “The Nation” recently wrote a report titled, “The Acquittal of Derek Chauvin Has Already Begun.”

Below is an excerpt:

Chauvin’s trial started this week, and soon a jury, comprised mainly of white people (of this we can be almost certain), will tell us whether they think killing a Black man should be a crime. In a reasonable world, this trial would be perfunctory. Hell, in a reasonable world, there wouldn’t even be a trial: Chauvin would have accepted some kind of plea deal. That’s what most people do when they are caught on camera killing someone.

But we don’t live in a reasonable world—we live in a white one. Chauvin is white, and he’s a cop. And his victim was Black. In most situations, that’s all you need to get away with murder.

Another main concern which has been brought up multiple times is the autopsy and testimony in the trail that Floyd was high and may have died from an overdose.

Some believe that the some activists on the left are trying to uncover who the jurors are to get a mistrial or influence the jury to get the “right” outcome.

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