Liberal Activists May Be Pouring Into Georgia To Exploit Election Law Loophole In Bid To Take The Senate

As states continue to certify the Presidential Election the next battle is in Georgia where two runoff elections will determine who maintains control in the US Senate for the next two years. Should Republicans lose and Biden is elected his party would control all three branches of government. Should President Trump win re-election and Republicans lose in Georgia, a Democrat-run House and Senate would most certainly impeach him immediately.

A comment from liberal activists and former Democratic presidential primary candidate Andrew Yang shows that Democrats may be moving to Georgia to exploit a loophole in the states election laws.

The State of Georgia’s election laws does not have a minimum residency requirement for voting, meaning that you could live in the state for a week and still vote in the election as a Georgia resident.

The Peach state does have a voter ID law but the law does not require the identification to be issued by Georgia.

Enreijeta Shino, professor at the University of North Florida warned activists planning on moving into the state.

“People should be very careful about doing that,” Shino warned. “These are sensitive issues, and election officials are going to pay attention to what is happening.”

Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office also released a statement that if you move to Georgia just to participate in the election it is a felony and that person will be prosecuted.

As of the writing of this post, Senator David Purdue (R-GA) is leading his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, by almost 90,000 votes, or about 1.7%. Even though Purdue won more votes than Ossoff, Georgia law requires a runoff election because neither candidate broke the 50% threshold.

In the other run-off, Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) also went to a runoff and neither candidate reached 50% of the threshold to win the race.

Early voting is scheduled to begin on December 14 and the runoff election will be held on January 5th.

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