Key Resignation Delivers A Big Blow To Democrats. Hopes Of Keeping The House Crumbles

A key resignation in House has Nancy Pelosi’s head spinning.

Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wash) announced that he will not be running for re-election in 2022. Kind seat is in a swing district that Trump won twice, his resignation is a big blow to Democrats.

Another sign that Democrats are going to get their clocks cleaned in 2022 was the round of special elections in July.

Special elections for seats in several legislative districts were held in Georgia, Alabama, and Wisconsin. Once the final results came in it was clear, the Republican Party did better compared to the election last fall.

What was most eye opening was a race in suburban Atlanta in which the Republican won by the highest margin ever. The wind appears to be shifting in 2020 the GOP saw a drop in support in suburban districts; what a difference a few months makes.

Democrats have a lot to be worried about, Georgia Democrats boasted they were taking over the state and suburbia. However, we continue to see major shifts in the electorate signaling all the work Stacey Abrams’ did is failing. The tone of Abrams’ group response to the loss was telling, remember Democrats are supposed to be taking over the suburbs.


Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party put how significant the win was in perspective.

It’s no wonder Democrats are trying to pass HR 1, should suburban voters go back to their traditional voting roles the Democrats are in big trouble.

Just look at what happened in Alabama, Democrats urged voters  in vain to vote during the special elections for Senate District 14 and House District 73.

“Virginia Applebaum has stepped up to be the Democratic candidate for Alabama State Senate District 14!” according to Applebaum’s Act Blue page. “This Special Election will be held July 13, 2021. If elected, Ms. Applebaum would be the first Native American State Senator in Alabama’s history!”

The Democrats got their clocks cleaned despite the fact the race was supposed to be competitive. Couple that with certain districts in Texas flipping red and continued momentum in Florida, things aren’t looking good for the Democrats.

Alabama Politcal Reporter | Redstate