Liberals Are Fuming & Can’t Get Their Head Around The Strong Support From Minorities For President Trump

It’s like their world has fallen apart.

Liberals can’t get their head around the fact that their hold on minorities is over. The Republican Party is now a big tent party that dumped rhinos and brought in minorities.

President Trump received more support from minority communities than any other Republican candidate ever.

It isn’t very hard to understand, people want to better their life, and want government out of the way. Minority communities have been held down by racist policies like the Joe Biden 1994 crime bill and people like Kamala Harris that went after single minority moms. They don’t want to lockdown they want to work and provide for their families; they are tired of handouts.

Robert Johnson, the founder of BET said it best, black Americans get a “minimal return” when they vote Democrat.

Here’s what has liberals so upset.

New York Times reporter Paul Krugman ranted that minorities would give President Trump so much support, it is almost comical. They are really upset they’ve lost Florida.

Mr. Krugman, it’s not that the idea of universal health care isn’t an appealing idea, naturally, people would like it. The reason Americans vote is down is that they don’t trust the government to run it nor do we want to part with 60% of our paycheck to fund it.

Perhaps his next post proves that the media will continue to make the same mistakes about the right. Krugman’s rant shows they don’t have a clue in understanding 50% of the country.

The left believed in the polls, they thought this was going to be the biggest landslide in the history of the country. In reality, it’s a nail bitter and even if Biden’s wins, the woke utopia they were planning to usher in was rejected. Pelosi got her clock cleaned, she lost seats in the House narrowing her majority. Schumer failed to take over the Senate and liberals understand that means if Biden wins he’s already a lame-duck President.