Liberals Are Using The Super Bowl Half Time Show To Attack Trump Supporters

Angry liberals frustrated that the House Democrats failed at their bid on impeachment decided to take their frustration out on Trump supporters using the halftime special. Which, let’s be real if JLo and Shakira were Trump supporters the left would have called the Half Time Show a gross display of misogynism and degrading to women. 

On Sunday night as you scrolled through the interwebs one would have noticed thousands of users claiming that “white people” mainly Trump supporters must have been furious that two powerful Latinas, Lopez and Shakira were singing in Spanish.

First of all outfits aside, Lopez and Shakira have songs in both English and Spanish, I’m glad they did both because they have hit songs that have both languages in them; they could have sung in German or Italian for all I care. I thought they could have had a little more class in the outfits they chose. 

This attitude by liberals – remember research has confirmed most people that post on twitter are white, college-educated, liberals – is why President Trump is going to get re-elected. They have no idea how many people including those in the Latin American community they just marginalized and offended.

Here’s a sample…

What’s really funny and kind of creepy is that Jeb Bush loved the show so much we tweeted about it. 

I mean that’s just weird…we know what you were looking at Jeb.

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