Liberals Freak Out After Georgia Legislator Starts Closing Voting Loopholes

Georgia was a mess after the 2020 November election thanks to rhino’s who for some reason partnered with Democrat activist Stacy Abrams to change some of the voting rules. 

Republicans in the state are now moving to close loopholes that caused the confusion in the days after the November election. 

Georgia’s state Senate passed a bill that would limit absentee voting to people 65 an older, those with a physical disability, and people who will be out of town on Election Day. The bill will also require an ID for those that will be absentee voting. 

Senate majority Leader Mike Dugan, a sponsor of the bill admitted that the surge in absentee ballots caused a burden on county election offices and the loopholes need to be closed. 

“The increasing burden on local election offices and the increased cost to each of our counties has risen significantly,” Dugan said. “In recent years the number of mail-in absentee ballots has increased to the point where counties are in essence running three elections simultaneously.”

Democrats are claiming that Republicans are changing the law because they lost in 2020. 

Georgia’s House has already passed numerous election bills supported by Republicans. The House bill also requires photo ID for absentee voting, limit the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot, control where ballot drop boxes can be placed and who can access them. 

The Rhinos in the state for some reason are complaining that the legislator is moving too fast. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger – who infamously leaked a phone call between him and former President Trump – said, “the legislative process is proceeding at a pace that does not allow full examination of all factors that must be considered.”

“There is a need for responsible elections policymaking to be deliberate and evidence-based, not rushed,” the statement continues. “When we see proposals that properly balance voter access with integrity, we will voice support.”

Meanwhile, liberals and Democrats are freaking out. 

“The purpose of 241 and all of the vote-limiting bills that we have before us is to validate a lie,” Democratic Sen. Nikki Merritt said. “It is to prevent massive voter turnout from happening again, especially in minority communities, our new voters who are turning 18 and hard-working Georgians.”

Democrat Senator Lester Jackson said, “It smells like Jim Crow laws of the past. This smells like poll taxing. This smells like voter suppression.”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was furious.

They are also freaking out over the bills being passed by other Republican legislators around the country.

Associated Press