Liberals Who Freaked Out During Virus And Purchased A Gun Are Getting Angry Over Their State’s Gun Laws

Kira Davis writes for and she recently posted an article about a conversation she had with one of her friends.

According to Davis her friends Dad owns a gun range and she was told a lot of liberals are coming to purchase weapons for home defense because of the pandemic.

Davis said that the gun store knows they are liberals because they are not as informed about the gun law and “they’re shocked to discover they can’t just walk out of the store with a gun.”

Davis writes:

I contacted my friend’s father to ask about what he is seeing personally at his own range these days. Gregg Bouslog runs On-Target Indoor Shooting Range in Laguna Niguel, CA. It’s where I taught my son to shoot and where I’ll teach my daughter once the chaos lifts. He says that while others are stuck at home while the economy grinds to a halt, he’s been working nonstop at the range as the applications for background checks and permits are stacking up daily. Bouslog claims he hasn’t done business like this since the days of Obama.

Bouslog also told Davis that safety at the range has been a huge issue because of the influx of new gun owners many seem to have gotten gun handling protocols and safety from the movies.

“We tried to look at just who the new firearm purchasers were and we believe that more than 60% of these individuals were first time buyers. I can’t describe the amount of fear in my staff as we had the buyers show proof of safe handling as part of the purchase process as required by law. You have never seen so many barrels pointed at sales staff and other customers. It was truly frightening. We had to keep stopping the process to give quick safety lessons. We are adding many more basic classes in the coming weeks and encouraged these buyers to please attend. We hope they do.”

Bouslog said that one thing that has been amusing is watching new liberal first-time gun buyers learn just how strict California gun laws are, requiring them to have background checks before buying ammunition. These liberals are also furious that they have to wait 10 plus days “to take their property home with them.”

“Most were VERY vocal about why it takes 10 days minimum (sometimes longer if the DOJ is backed up) to take their property home with them. They ask why do I need to wait 10 days if I need the protection today or tomorrow? We pointed out again that no one working here voted in support of that law.”

If you would like to read what other gun laws are infuriating liberals (never thought I’d say that in a sentence supporting the purchase of firearms) please read Kira Davis full article here.