Libs Blindsided! MSNBC Issues Warning That Is Fantastic News For Conservatives (VIDEO)

An MSNBC contributor issued a warning to Democrats that is fantastic news for conservatives. 

During a segment on the far-left news network, Paola Ramos, former Deputy Director of Hispanic Press for Hillary Clinton sounded the alarm that hispanic support for Trump and conservatives continues to increase. 

“How? How after four years of Donald Trump, after hearing about the wall, about seeing family separation, after seeing hate crimes rise, after hearing the words, ‘go back to your country,’ how is it possible that Donald Trump did 10 points better with Latinos than he did in 2016?” Rhetorically said during a segment. 

“It goes beyond politics, it goes beyond strategy, it goes beyond Democrats needing better strategies, better tactics, better messaging,” she explained. “I think what we’re seeing right now when we see those numbers, is that there is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community that is completely splitting and dividing Latinos.

“And in this crisis you have on the one hand, Latinos that believe that in order to achieve the American Dream you have to get as close as possible to whiteness, and that is something that Trump gave them permission to do. And on the other hand you have Latinos that believe that in order to achieve the American Dream, you have to get as far as possible from whiteness,” she continued.

“The biggest thing that I would say is let’s break our own stereotypes and let’s have very genuine curiosity about how we are changing,” she added, “and what those nuances are, and that can really really really give Democrats what they need, which is for Latinos to be their biggest weapon and not necessarily their biggest nightmare, which we’re sort of in the middle of that right now.”

Ramos also stated that once hispanics are gone they are gone and Democrats will not be able to retain what they’ve lost. 

What Ramos didn’t mention is that many hispanics have come to the USA because of socialism and what nothing to do with Democrat policies. All of this is great news for conservatives on the eve of the 2022 midterms.

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