The Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Scandal Goes From Worse To Horrific, Weaver’s Inappropriate Alleged Activity Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

A report published by the New York Times has just blown the roof off the growing scandal surrounding the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. 

Some of you may be asking why is the Times turning on The Lincoln Project (TLP)? The answer is simple, many liberals hated TLC and hated the attention they received for attacking former President Trump. Many of the members at TLP were considered the enemy by Democrats before President Trump and now that they are no longer needed it’s time to get rid of them. 

Like Rush Limbaugh said, if you are created by the media, they have the power to destroy you and that’s what you are seeing now. 

Writer for the Times, Maggie Astor has discovered that the leadership of TLP were aware of John Weaver’s harassment of young men as early as January 2020. Throughout 2020 leaders received multiple warnings about Weaver’s behavior but kept him on the payroll. 

In June one board member wrote in an email that he was worried about the consequences of Weaver’s behavior.

Astor also dug up that the four main founders of TLP had “private financial agreements that other leaders didn’t know about and one third of the money TLP received from fundraisers went to a firm run by one of the founders. From that firm four of the main founders were paid.

After the June email TLP launched a very limited internal review however, Weaver stayed involved despite claiming to be on medical leave. Knowing that they couldn’t keep a lid on the story the three main founders – besides Weaver – started a new entity called Lincoln Project 2024 and moved millions of dollars from TLP into companies they had control over.

The movement of money left the TLP with pennies until George Conway got involved and forced Galen, Schmidt, and Wilson to return the money. Schmidt and Wilson got seats at the table and Madrid and Steslow received a settlement and left the organization.

Another reason why Democrats want to get rid of the TLP is because they finally figured out that they used them. TLP used Democrats hatred of Donald Trump to make millions of dollars that didn’t go into defeating Republicans but into their bank accounts.

Conservative commentator Michael Cernovich believes that TLP may have engaged in money laundering.