Look Away…Don’t Watch This TikTok from Beto…I Warned You!

Let’s hope that this is the final nail in the coffin of Beto O’Rourke’s political career. The Texas perennial loser is once again running a pathetic attempt at a campaign, this time for governor. 

He ran in 2018, which was supposed to be the year for Democrats in Texas, but lost. Then in 2020, he came close to winning a senate seat against Sen. Ted Cruz. He was being treated with kid gloves by the media as some kind of Kennedy-type candidate at that point. He started to believe the press that he was a young, cool guy who liked to skateboard and use foul language. But he lost again. 

And now he is back and he is trying to win the governor’s position in Texas. One of his new weapons on the campaign trail is social media, including TikTok.

I need to warn you right now, at the end of the article is an example of his TikTok prowess. If you choose to continue and watch it, you can’t unsee it. I’m warning you. 

In the past few days, O’Rourke has posted videos focused on his key campaign message like gun control, expanding Medicaid, and protecting abortion rights. 

He uses supporters to drive his points home by sharing their stories. One video features Hayley Williams, lead singer of the rock band Paramore. She urges Texans to vote early and send Republican Gov. Greg Abbott home.

Then things become cringe-worthy. This is even worse than when O’Rourke posted his dental surgery. Remember, I warned you…

It’s hard to tell exactly what is going on in his head while recording this video for TikTok. Is he attempting to look sexy? Is this just pain in his knees because he should be moving like that? Is he watching his career cascade down a Texas cliff?

This may be evidence that TikTok should be banned.