Look Out Dems, There Is Another Trump That Could To Take A North Carolina Senate Seat By Storm

A recent poll is showing that there is another Trump that is about to take the State of North Carolina by storm. 

Former President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump is showing a double digit lead over all of the GOP candidates running for an open senate seat in North Carolina. 

Internal GOP polling found that Lara received 32.4 percent in an eight-way primary that includes high profile state GOP members like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. 

Not only did the daughter in law of the former president receive the highest support she also had the highest net favorability rating as well. 

Lt. Gov. Forest had a 64% favorability rating however, Lara beat him out with a 66.6% favorability rating in the eight way race. 

Democrats in the state are concerned because they have a weak bench, the internal polling released by the GOP showed that former President Trump is very popular and Lara would jump in as front runner for the nomination. 

From The Hill: 

It also shows former President Trump’s sustained strength among GOP voters in North Carolina.

Eighty-six percent of respondents said they hold a favorable view of the former president, including 68.8 percent who reported a “very favorable” opinion of him. And an overwhelming majority of GOP voters — 83 percent — want Republican candidates to remain loyal to him.

Here’s another interesting detail, when voters in North Carolina were asked if they consider themselves a supporter of Trump or the GOP the majority – 54.7%- chose Trump. 

Lara Trump has not announced if she will run for the seat and recently signed a contract with Fox News as a contributor. The silence has annoyed some in the North Carolina GOP because they are waiting to see what she does before announcing their own campaign bids, showing just how strong Lara is as a potential candidate. 

The Senate race is going to be one of the most contentious races of the midterm cycle.