This 26 Year Old Conservative Gal Running For Congress Is On Fire! Just Gave Her Dem Opponent Some Really Bad News

An outsider to politics just made a big splash in the congressional race for Florida’s 21st congressional list and her Democrat opponent is in trouble.

Out fundraising a four-term congressional incumbent is hard enough but, 26-year-old Laura Loomer is doing it without social media. Why? Because she’s the most banned woman in America. Big tech has banned her from every social media platform, even Uber and Lyft have refused her service.

The only reason is that she is an outspoken conservative woman and is a critic of Islamic terrorism. The Jewish woman from Florida was banned from Twitter for calling Somali-American legislator Ilhan Omar anti-Jewish. Later she was banned from Facebook and deemed a “dangerous person” however they still allow people to post death threats about her.

“The media has allowed Facebook to get away with designating me a dangerous individual with no due process. Even more alarming, the media hasn’t batted an eyelid after Facebook posted an update to its community standards saying it was fine to post death threats against me. All of this is thoroughly documented in my lawsuits, which the media has, of course, also ignored.”

That hasn’t stopped her, in a deep blue district she has raised 2.5 times the amount of four-term incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel.

The National Pulse reported:

Loomer’s campaign raised $204,786 in the first quarter of 2020, while Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel came in second with just $82,876. She also out-raised all other Republican candidates combined.

Donations to the Loomer campaign have come from over 10,000 individual donors with an average donation of $52.00. In contrast, a majority of money for Frankel’s re-election efforts have come from large political action committee (PAC) funding.

She’s raised all that money despite Facebook or Twitter censoring her.

“As a declared congressional candidate in Florida’s 21st congressional district, my campaign has also been banned from having any social media, as well as being denied the ability to raise money on PayPal. Despite the bans, I have now out fundraised the Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel for three fundraising quarters in a row, and the President has retweeted in support of my candidacy twice.”

Her biggest problem has been the coronavirus because she is not allowed to have a social media presence.

Big tech is not only interfering in an election by denying my campaign access to social media, but they are proving to be one of the biggest threats to election integrity in all races  this election year. With the coronavirus pandemic, candidates have had to result to virtual campaigning. How is one supposed to virtual campaign while completely deplatformed? It’s time for big tech censorship to be taken seriously by our elected officials and the media. The results of all elections in 2020 depends on it.”

The National Pulse