Losses Keep Piling Up: Dems Get Dealt A Huge Blow In Court Case Against Trump

A federal appeals court in DC just dealt the Democrats another loss in a lawsuit they launched against President Trump in 2017.

The lawsuit accused the President of illegally profiting off his private businesses while being President, the three-judge panel on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals said that the accusation lacked standing to sue. The judges felt the debate over this issue should not take place in the court system.

In there 12 page decision the judges wrote:

“The Members can, and likely will, continue to use their weighty voices to make their case to the American people, their colleagues in the Congress and the President himself, all of whom are free to engage that argument as they see fit,” the judges wrote. “But we will not—indeed we cannot—participate in this debate.”

This win was a huge win for the President who had a fantastic week as the Democrats continue to pile up the losses. This week the Democrats looked like whiny children during the President’s amazing State of the Union Speech, their impeachment case was defeated, and the Iowa Caucus was a total mess. Not to mention after ripping the President claiming he was lying about unemployment during his SOTU speech, January job numbers were out of this world (this shouldn’t be considered a loss because it’s great for the country but Democrats are not happy about it). 

The lawsuit was launched in 2017 by more than 200 Democrat House members and senators who claimed that President Trump maintaining control over his business assets was a violation fo the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause, which states federal officials can receive gifts from foreign countries.

The lawsuit argued that Trump was receiving gifts from foreign diplomats because they were staying at his hotels. In the decision, the DC panel also said that the lawsuit lacked standing because it was completely partisan and did not include a majority of members from the House or Senate. You can read the decision here

The Hill