Many Conservative Parents and Grandparents Will Be Alone This Christmas

One of the tragic stories of the political divide in much of America has to do with the number of families that will be separated during the holiday because of insurmountable political differences. Some have estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of men and women who maintain minimal or no contact with parents or grandparents because of these differences. That means parents and grandparents have no contact with their children or grandchildren, even during the holidays. 

There is likely to be an unprecedented number of Americans with grown children alone during this season because their children will neither visit nor invite them for a holiday dinner. 

There is a firsthand story from a radio host of parent after parent pouring out their heart about being alone on holidays even though they have children and grandchildren. 

In almost every case, the parent or grandparent is conservative and the child is firmly on the left. 

Dennis Prager, a columnist for “Townhall,” wrote, “I assume there are cases of grown conservative children who won’t allow a liberal/Left parent to see his or her grandchildren — but I have never heard of a single such case. It is almost impossible to imagine a conservative adult depriving his or her parents of access to their grandchildren because the parent(s) voted for President Joe Biden. Moreover, if there were such a person, every conservative I know would vociferously condemn this individual.”

Prager lists the reasons why this might be happening in many American homes. 

The first is no accountability. The left does not believe in an absolute moral code like the Ten Commandments. 

The second is an inadequacy of the conscience. The consciences of most people who do evil are blissfully untroubled.

And the third, according to Prater, is college. He writes, “How many parents believe their child became a finer — or even a happier — human being at college? How many parents believe their child became a worse — and less happy — person?

You almost have to be a college graduate to shun your parents and deprive them of their grandchildren because of political differences.”