After CDC Change Images From Major Blue States Newspapers Boggle The Mind

I feel bad for them or maybe that’s the price you pay for living in a city.

For the better part of a year most people outside of urbanites in blue states have not worn a mask outside because of common sense. It was especially obvious after the summer riots (many that occurred in these cities) that being outside especially during the day was safe.

Instead we get images like the ones below because the mainstream media and blue state officials scared them to death. The images below are from Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

In an attempt to curtail the backlash that the CDC is codifying Americans Fauci tried to counter the backlash.

Fauci stated, “There have been a lot of questions about what you can do outdoors? And it’s very clear now, as you showed on the chart, Chris, that there are many things that common sense likely would have told you can do that have now essentially been codified. Where you have an organization made up of the best epidemiologists in the world, have come to the conclusion that the risk is so low that you can do the kind of things outdoors if you are vaccinated. And then, as you see on the other side of the chart, they contrast and compare it with things that you can do and then things that are a bit risky if you still are unvaccinated.”

He also threw in, “you might see an upgrading of the recommendations to go even further.”

This is coming from the guy that said just a few weeks ago to wear two masks and children playing outside is dangerous.

Meanwhile, states like Texas and Florida, who have terminated their mask state mask mandates are chugging along just fine.

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