Matt Walsh Talks Sense with Bill Maher on Origin Of ‘Woke Mind Virus’ – Watch

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh appeared on Bill Maher’s show Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, where he was asked about the origin of the “woke mind virus.”

On a previous show Maher asked Elon Musk how and why “this woke mind virus” started.

Musk replied, “It’s been a long time brewing … it’s been going on for a while. And the amount of indoctrination that’s happening in schools and universities is far beyond, I think, what parents realize.”

Walsh said he agreed with what Maher and Musk said about the “woke stuff” and he’s glad that Maher is bringing attention to the topic. However, Walsh said Maher should look in the mirror to see where the “woke mind virus” began.

“And no it didn’t come from bats and it wasn’t grown in a lab,” Walsh said. “And it didn’t fall out of the sky. It didn’t climb out of the ground or something. … Bill you know what’s the origin of the ‘woke mind virus,’ you.”

“You’re the origin,” he added. “Not just you, but liberalism. The Left, the ideology you espouse, that’s where it comes from. It didn’t come out of nowhere. … It was born from the liberalism that you still ascribe to.”

Walsh said that the woke mind virus is a product of academia, specifically the humanities departments at universities. He said that these departments have been infiltrated by radical leftists who are teaching students to think in a certain way.

“They’re teaching students to be critical of everything,” Walsh said. “They’re teaching students to be suspicious of everything. They’re teaching students to be offended by everything.”

Walsh said that this type of thinking is not conducive to a healthy society. He said that it leads to division, conflict, and violence.

“This is not how we should be living our lives,” Walsh said. “We should be able to have civil discourse with people who disagree with us. We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.”

Walsh said that the woke mind virus is a threat to our democracy. He said that it is eroding our freedom of speech and our freedom of thought.

“We need to fight back against this,” Walsh said. “We need to stand up for our values. We need to stand up for our freedom.”

Walsh’s comments were met with applause from the audience. Maher, who is a liberal, also agreed with Walsh’s assessment of the woke mind virus.

“I think you’re right,” Maher said. “This is a real problem. It’s a real threat to our democracy.”