Maybe We Now Know Why Fetterman is So Soft on Crime…Watch

John Fetterman, the crazed contender for the Senate in Pennsylvania, was once pegged as a likely winner in the race with TV personality Dr. Mehemet Oz. But oh how quickly things can change.

The Democratic candidate keeps finding more and more weights of his own doing around his ankles as he runs his race for the Senate. 

There have been constant questions about his soft-on-crime agenda, this includes his belief that you could let one-third of the criminals out of prison and it wouldn’t make anyone less safe. 

Now people are wondering if he is soft on crime because of his own issues. It was reported that he pulled a shotgun on an innocent black jogger, and then lied about doing it. He didn’t face any consequences even though he admitted that he might have broken the law. 

In one previous debate, Democrat Malcolm Kenyatta slams John Fetterman: “You’re the only Democrat who used a shotgun to chase down an unarmed Black jogger.”

Then there’s the incident where he vandalized the sign of a local business when he was the Mayor of Braddock. He said he wanted to send a message that the government was going to shut down the black nightclub.

The current owner of the club, Assim Chaudhry, said that the mayor’s behavior was unacceptable and that residents should be appalled by it.

“This is the mayor. This is who you guys have running this town,” said Mr. Chaudhry.

He also had this very weird video of himself kicking black stick figures, “kicking authority in the balls.”

There is just a growing list of issues that make it hard to imagine the good people of PA will vote this man into the senate. Certainly, the voters believe that they deserve someone better than this. 

And the polls are indicating that they seem to be catching on.