McCarthy: “We’re the Majority, We Rule! No Sharing!”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has rejected a proposal to share power with Democrats in order to keep the Speakership. McCarthy said that Republicans are the majority party, and that they will not “surrender” to the Democrats.

When asked by reporters if Gaetz could continually refile the motion to vacate the speakership until his effort is successful, McCarthy acknowledged that it could happen.

“It seems very personal with Matt, it doesn’t look like he’s looking out for the country or the institution,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also said that he was not willing to make a power-sharing agreement with Democrats in order to hold on to his speakership.

“That doesn’t work,” McCarthy said. “Look, I’m a conservative, I’m a Republican. I’m a conservative that wants to get things done … we’re in the majority. You don’t surrender.”

“From the day I came in, I’ve always said, I’m going to treat Hakeem [Jeffries] the way I wanted to be treated,” he said. “I think you’ve seen that. Everything doesn’t have to be political.”

McCarthy said his decision to vote for the short-term spending bill over the weekend to keep the government open was the right decision to make.

“I stand by that decision, and at the end of the day if I have to lose my job over, so be it, but I’m going to fight for the American public, and I’ll continue to fight.”

McCarthy’s stance is likely to lead to a prolonged stalemate in the House. Republicans and Democrats are far apart on many issues, and it is unclear how they will be able to reach a compromise.

Some experts believe that McCarthy is playing a risky game by refusing to compromise. They argue that he is alienating Democrats and making it more difficult to govern. Others believe that McCarthy is right to stand his ground and demand that Republicans get what they want.

Only time will tell how McCarthy’s gamble will pay off. However, it is clear that he is determined to hold onto power, even if it means shutting down the government or causing a political crisis.