They Hate Us: McConnell Defies Trump Leads Revolt Against The President In A Dangerous Game Of Chicken

Senator Majority Leader doesn’t seem to care about what the American people want and he’s going home for Christmas. 

McConnell is revolting against the President’s ultimatum and is playing chicken with the President over the defense spending bill that’s a joke. It reinforces section 230 allowing tech companies to continue to censor conservatives and it’s littered with pork.

McConnell said from the Senate floor that he made a deal with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer to return for a rare post-Christmas session on December 29th to “process” a veto override, if it’s passed by the House. 

“My intention was and is to ensure the Senate continues fulfilling our obligation to the men and women of our armed forces. I hope the president will not veto this bill,” McConnell said from the Senate floor.

“In the event that President Trump does elect to veto this bipartisan bill, it appears the House may choose to return after the holidays to set up a vote to consider the veto. … In the event that the president has vetoed the bill, and the House has voted to override the veto, the Senate would have the opportunity to process a veto override at that time,” McConnell added.

Even if the Senate returns on December 29th, it could be days before a final vote takes place and allies of the President are promising to delay the bill until the next congress is installed. 

Senator Rand Paul said that’s he’ll delay any override vote. 

“I very much am opposed to the Afghan war, and I’ve told them I’ll come back to try to prevent them from easily overriding the president’s veto,” Paul told reporters.

McConnell is leading a revolt with GOP politicians against what their voters actually want, voters have spoken they are against this ridiculous defense spending bill. 

Trump called the Republican Senate leadership out and reminded them if it weren’t for him they wouldn’t even have control of the Senate. 


Senator Thune is McConnell’s enforcer but these senators need to remember that 74 million Americans voted for President Trump and if they don’t do what the people want we are going to vote them out.

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