Media And Dems Demand Trump Be Removed From Office & Expel Elected Republicans After Chaos At Capitol Building

Members of the media and Congress are demanding that President Trump be removed from office after protestors stormed the capitol building.

Jonah Goldberg demanded the 25th Amendment “now.”

Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu demanded Trump be removed from office for starting an attempted coup.

Members of the press, Democrat pundits, and members were all calling for President Trump to either resign or be removed.

They are also claiming that Senators supporting President Trump must also resign.

Congresswoman Bush wants any member of congress that supported President Trump expelled from the Congress.

Joe Biden condemned the attack.

President Trump immediately released a video pleading with protestors to go home.

Some commentators on the right claimed the media and Democrats were being hypocrites and reposted articles they wrote supporting the riots over the summer.

Then Twitter censored the President’s call for peace.

The media wants to tell the story…

President Trump was calling for peace and the media wanted the message blocked.