Media Blames Recent COVID-19 Outbreak On Trump However, Silent Over This Video From Chicago

In sections of the country, some states have seen a rise in coronavirus cases and the media has gone hog wild claiming we need another lockdown. The media went wall to wall during the Sunday shows blaming President Trump and Republican governors for the outbreak. As we know it takes 10-14 days for the virus to rear its ugly head and not one of them has mentioned the massive protests and riots that rocked the nation just a few weeks ago.

During the Sunday news shows as the media railed on Republicans they didn’t mention a video of a massive crowd gathering to celebrate an LGBTQ Pride rally.

Here is some of the gaslighting coming from the media…

As with everything the devil is in the details and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave an outstanding explanation about what is happening in Florida.

DeSantis explained that the largest group testing positive is under 45 and mainly due to them socializing and getting “back to normal.” He explained that this group is less likely to be hospitalized or die from the disease.

It is disgusting that the mainstream media is betting on Florida turning into a death trap. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll see if the death toll rises. However, if things in Florida simmer down and the death toll doesn’t rise they are going to be a lot of people in the media with egg on their faces.