Media Caught Covering Up Dem Georgia Run-off Candidate Arrest In Child Abuse Case

Georgia’s largest newspaper has been caught covering up the arrest of Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock.

In 2002, Warnock and another minister were charged with obstructing police from investigating a child abuse investigation at a camp hosted by his church.

At the time Warnock was senior pastor of Douglas Memorial Community Church located in West Baltimore Maryland.

A state trooper was interviewing a counselor when Warnock and another minister busted in and stopped the interview. Police then moved the interview to a nearby picnic area when the ministers again prevented a camper from talking to police.

“I’ve never encountered resistance like that at all,” said Trooper Diane Barry of the state police Child and Sexual Assault Unit in Westminster. Barry said the counselors consented to the interviews after being told they were free to go at any time and were not obligated to answer her questions.

Warnock said he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Reverend Wainwright and I acted well within the framework of the law, and I am confident that we will be exonerated. It’s just unfortunate that our children had to see their pastors carried away in handcuffs,” he said. “My concern simply had to do with the presence of counsel. We cooperated fully with their investigation. We have nothing to hide.”

The most powerful newspaper in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) admitted they’ve sat on the story.

During the election before the run-off a Democrat candidate running against Warnock informed the AJC of Warnock’s arrest, the paper sat on the story because “the candidate declined to come forward publicly as the source.”

So much for newspapers protecting their sources.

The newspaper didn’t need the candidate to come forward the report was well documented by the Baltimore Sun.

The question we all have now is what other stories about Democrat candidates is the AJC sitting on?

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