Media Gives ‘Evidence’ Crime Spike In US Cities Is Because of Qanon Not Defund The Police Policy

The media has a new boogeyman, it’s Qanon. Ever since Antifa and BLM started burning down American cities the media has been trying to find a group they can blame it on.

The violent riots and spike in crime has done serious damage to Democrats during the election cycle so they are now telling their audience – who believe anything they say – that it’s not the defund the police policies causing the spike it’s Qanon.

Former FBI Assistant Director (Obama Administration), member of the swamp, Frank Figliuzzi wrote a piece for MSNBC claiming that the crime spike is because the far-right is keeping police busy.

Figliuzi wrote:

Law enforcement at local, county, state and federal levels have their hands full just keeping up with the growth of various violent and white supremacist hate groups, from far right-wing extremists to violent militias to QAnon; the boogaloo movement, the Proud Boys, and others. FBI Director Christopher Wray has publicly stated that violent domestic groups now pose a threat equal to foreign terrorism.

Funny, do you see any QAnon, Boogaloo Bois, or Proud Boys in the violence that happened in Philadelphia overnight?

The US has never had a murder rate increase like it is experiencing now. Thanks to liberal policies to defund the police these Democrat-run cities are falling into chaos. The lockdowns don’t help either, less people on the street mean those with bad intentions have a greater opportunity to commit crimes.

Those on the left that claim to be justice reform advocates need to stop hiding from these statics stop blaming them on little known far-right groups. Their policies are literally killing the people they claim that they are trying to help.

What’s more disgusting is that liberals are willing to let their cities burn and people die to try and turn Americans against the President to win the election.