Media Launches Another Fake Trump Controversy To Try & Save Dems From Census Blow

Blue States suffered a major blow after the census, they lost multiple House seats to red states however, the media has started a new Trump controversy to help save the Democrats.

Once every ten years a census is taken in the United States and it is used to decide seats in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for the Democrats, liberal states took a beating and conservative states will get more representation.

The Census found that people were tired of living in over regulated, over taxed, crime ridden areas, and moved to greener pastures.

Below is how things broke down in the House…

Knowing that the blow will more than likely result in the Republicans taking the House the media has created a new Trump controversy to save the Democrats.

Democrat operatives are also claiming that Republicans “fixed” the census.

The question is how long will it be before we hear Pelosi announces she’s opening an investigation into how the census was conducted.

The Center for Politics showed that over time Americans have left the northeastern section of the country and moved south to get away from regulation.

Democrats have a very narrow majority in the House and there are projections that show (because of the census) Republicans are more than primed to take control in 2022.

USA Today