Media Silent After Deranged Biden Supporter Rams Vehicle Into A Crowd Of Trump Supporters At Rally

You’ll hear about Charlottesville all day long from the left but this past weekend the media was radio silent after an act of terror was conducted by a Joe Biden supporter.

A deranged Democrat plowed through a large group of Trump supporters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin injuring at least one person.

A witness captured the act of terror and told Cassandra Fairbanks at the Gateway Pundit, “I was at the Wauwatosa protest today and a man was purposely hit by a car while standing next to me.”

Drone footage captured the car ramming into the crowd. You’ll see a vehicle that pulled into the crowd then quickly drives into the crowd as they were leaving.

Some anti-Trump protestors did instigate at the rally, however, were arrested by Police.

Notice how peaceful these Trump supporters were.

Businesses did not need to board up their windows, there were no fires, and police officers were not attacked. There has been no word if the person driving the vehicle that rammed into the crowd was arrested.

Rally occurred around the country to support the President. Below is how Antifa showed up to counter a “Stop the Steal” rally in Atlanta.

Police in Atlanta did keep Trump supporters safe, Antifa protestors were not allowed near the rally.

In Portland, businesses have boarded up their windows after Antifa hosted a day of rage. Over 100 buildings were vandalized to support LGBTQ rights. The Mexican Consulate was also attacked.

Funny we didn’t hear on CNN about Antifa attacking the Mexican consulate either.