Meghan Kelly Shouts in Joy Over Host Fired from MSNBC – Watch

Megyn Kelly enjoyed celebrating MSNBC’s decision to fire host Tiffany Cross. She described Cross as “the most racist person in all of television.”

Just last week, MSNBC quickly broke the relationship with Cross who hosted a weekend TV show on the network.

One source told Fox News that MSNBC executives quickly dismissed Cross after her two-year contract ended over “repeated bad behavior on and off-air” and “bad judgement.”

Cross just kept getting the spotlight for controversial headlines that focused on racism and criticizing anyone who was not aligned with her progressive agenda. Variety also wrote about how the relationship between Cross and network executives had become “frayed.”

Kelly rejoined her SiriusXM radio show on Friday, proclaiming, “Joy, oh, joy! Tiffany Cross is gone!”

“I tip my hat to MSNBC and NBC for doing the right thing, because she was — she was — the most racist person in television,” Kelly declared.

Kelly gave some examples of the outrageous opinions expressed by Cross:

  • “She was upset when Tua [Tagovailoa] got hurt, the concussion thing, which I was upset with, too. But she took it racial. She was like, ‘All these white owners making these black players—’ Tua’s not black, and the coach was not white.”
  • “She blasted Republican members of Congress as white supremacists a day after the Wisconsin jury acquitted [Kyle] Rittenhouse. Somehow, that made the Republican members of Congress white supremacists.”
  • “She called Rittenhouse a ‘little murderous white supremacist.'”
  • “She said we should all be concerned about white replacement, ‘It is, after all, a very threat to our survival here — white replacement can strangle culture.’ I thought we weren’t suppose to be talking about ‘replacement theories’? I thought that was racist.”

And she ended with an example in which Cross suggested that “white women” who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots engaged in behavior close to “domestic terrorism.”

It was a good day for Kelly.