Megyn Kelly and Matt Walsh Talk Navy and Drag Queens – Watch

Conservatives are slamming the U.S. Navy after the service branch used a drag queen sailor in a recruitment video.

The video, which was posted to the Navy’s social media pages on Wednesday, features a drag queen sailor named Maddison King talking about her experience in the Navy. King, who is also a member of the Navy’s LGBTQ+ community, says that she joined the Navy because she wanted to “serve her country and make a difference.”

The video has been met with criticism from conservatives, who say that the Navy is using King to promote a “woke” agenda.

“The Navy is supposed to be about fighting wars, not promoting drag queens,” said Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator. “This is just another example of the Biden administration’s woke agenda seeping into every aspect of our society.”

The Daily Wire host said throughout history, the number one focus for the military has been “effectively killing the bad guys, killing the enemy.” He said that has been achieved by “being a unit … suppressing your individual priorities and desires,” and this drag queen recruiter is totally opposite of that.

On Wednesday, the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast hostshared similar comments about the situation and asked flat out, “Where’s our men?” She said the Navy missed its recruitment goal in 2022 and is reportedly expected to miss it by 6,000 in 2023.

“I would much rather have a bada** actual woman defending the country or a regular man, that [drag queen sailor] I don’t want defending me,” the former Fox News host said. “I miss our men. I quote him everyday, Christian Walker, ‘bring our men back.’ Where are our men? Where are they?”

“The Navy is a diverse organization, and we are proud to represent the many different backgrounds and experiences of our sailors,” the Navy said in a statement. “We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all sailors feel welcome and supported.”